Yokoyama taste ramen


I ate ramen which is popular in Yokohama area. They mix Tonkotsu soup and soy source soup. This made perfectly originally food. You can have the good points of both soup at the same time. Soy sauce make Tonkotsu’s bad smell or greasy disappear.

It is mellow, richness, easy and some things that let your appetite full. The ingredients are prefect to bring out the taste. If they were more than this, I would feel it too much to eat, and If less than this, I wold feel it not enough.

A truck driver in Yokohama come up with this menu about 40 years ago. He aimed at mixing Ramen in Tokyo and in Kyushu. This has been big boom in the area. Since then, a lot of chefs has been studying and innovating the taste.

I had to order rice because the soup taste go well rice so much.

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