Japanese pizza


This is one of the famous food in Osaka. It is Japanese style pancake or pizza made from eggs, flour, water with many different toppings such as pork or fish.

There are iron plate in front of gust seat. They bake it in restaurant’s kitchen and take it there.

The source is a little spicy and salty. Every one wants to orders beer.

It was very hot. The pork and cabbage in it were melting and becoming soft taste.

On a cold day, you should visit a restaurant that have iron plate for each. You will get warmer and be happier than you were.

I also ordered this food which stir-fried kimchi and pork. It was served quickly and surprisingly tasty. In this type of shop, they have a lot of menu which use iron plate such as omelette, stire-frid sea food, steak. It is good to go there with many friends and order what you like.

お好み焼 | お好み焼 ゆかり
創業昭和25年・お好み焼 ゆかり。ほんまもんの大阪の味をお召し上がりください。
店舗案内 | お好み焼 ゆかり
創業昭和25年・お好み焼 ゆかり。ほんまもんの大阪の味をお召し上がりください。