Assorted seafood rice bowl


I was walking restaurants area, when I was interested in a shop’s food sample. There were many kinds of food and looked nice.

The store is seafood bowl specialty store and we can have boiled rice in soup at the same time. I had never experienced such a type of restaurant. The prices was high but in fact it was cheap considering that I eat two dishes.

You can order food by using tablet. English is available on tablet.

The shop keeper said the first thing you do is having seafood bowl with soy sauce. After that you should make bold rice in soup with the rest of the rice and Japanese Bonito broth.

putting soy sauce
I was making boiled rice in soup
soup and relish

My impression was seafood rice bowl is not bad. But it was something I had had somewhere. And boiled rice soaked with tea which was called Ochazuke in Japanese was so good that I wanted to eat many times. Japanese soup is really easy taste and healthy. I strongly recommend you.

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