I went to eat Tsukemen recently for the first time in my life. It’s really popular food in Japan. But I like Ramen much better than it and I don’t know why people eat it. The difference between Ramen and Tsukemen is how you eat noodles. The noodles of Ramen is in the hot soup and the noodles of Tsukemen are in separate bowls which you dip and eat like soba. When I finished eating it I noticed why everyone likes it so much.

The noodles and soup are separated

I was dipping the noodles into the broth. I was surprised that the broth was strong taste and noodles was really chewy. This would be becauce they were separated. That’s especially why noodles, soup and other ingredients insisted on individuality.

I have eaten this restaurant’ ramen many times. Compared to these taste, this time I was able to experience the taste much deeper. They use thickness noodle and change boiling time for Tsukemen. I had thought that it was like a little brother of Ramen but actually I realize now that it is completely independent from Ramen. Things in common is they are made of almost same ingredient.


I strongly recommend you eat it after eating many kind of Ramen.