Italian ramen


Ramen is always evolving in Japan. They evolved into tomato ramen or the one without soup recently. Some one might make new one today. Let me introduce Italian one which was born in Tokyo few years ago.

The restaurant was listed in the Michelin Guide for 3 years in a row. The other day they opened their chain store at Osaka. I was looking forward visiting there because I head of good reputation from a friend of mine living in Tokyo.

First, I ate it as normal ramen. The soup was easy salt taste and the balance of it and the noodle was fantastic. Next, I melted cheese.

When I finished melting, the taste changed from salt ramen into Italian pasta, carbonara. I was so surprised. You should eat raw ham in this moment or you should order Italian beer.

Finally I made risotto.

It was exactly same taste as Italian risotto. I could eat 3 dishes at same time and all of them are good. If you are tired of normal ramen, you should try it!!