Eel bowl


Each year, we eat grilled eel on the Ox day in the mid summer so that we won’t suffer from summer heat. So I did yesterday, even though I’v already been summer fatigue since this summer started.

Eel bowls are sold convenience store, super market, and Japanese restaurants all over Japan. Most of us are willing to buy it. It contains a lot of vitamins.

There are some theories that we eat eel in that day. The most interesting one is that eel shop owner who was poor took counsel with a famous scholar in the early modern period and the scholar suggested that the owner should stick the poster on the wall around entrance that says you should eat ell because it is ox day today. This restaurant owner made a lot of money thanks to that.

I bought eel chopped rice bowl.

Eel was so good. But I was disappointed that chopping one was so small. I wanted to eat full size of it. So I am going to eat big size of eel and report you.

This is Japanese pepper. It bring out the flavor of the eel. Try it!!天ふら一品-杉尾-西中島店/5_RwSsw4TPmVojZeGxiONA