Japanese curry with cutlet and spinach


I went to CoCo Ichibanya which is the most famous curry chain restaurants company in Japan. They have been expanding overseas. You can see them in the US or England as well as in Asian country. Few years ago, they finally open the shop in India where the birth place of it is. A lot of discussion was take place there. I think It’s completely different food. It might be better to say CoCo Ichibanya’s curry is traditional Japanese things.

The most different point in this restaurant is so many kind of things you can choose to put on your curry. They are more than 50. Please look at menu book.

There are no less than 5 types of cutlet for topping. You can order more than two types of ingredients for topping so that you can eat for own original curry. I ordered spinach and cutlet for topping.

You can chose spicy levels from 12 stages, the size of rice from 3 stages and curry source from 2 types. Please enjoy making your favorite curry there.