Japanese lunch box〜Makunouchi bento


Let me introduce you to one of the my favorite bento place. It is Kamadoya and running 2300 stores in Japan. There are a few similar stores but I think rice of Kamadoya is best in all stores.

Kamadoya means cooking stove in English. Most Japanese think rice is the best when you cook by cooking stove, not by rice cooker. So, the store name wold mean the best rice.

The signboard
Inside of the store

I bought Makunouchi bento and Nori bento

Makunouchi bento

Makunouchi bento contains 15 side dish with rice. That is I like best about it. I can eat vegetables, meat,egg,tukemono and fish (under the egg in the photo). The contents of it changes depending on season and collar balance is always thought out so that you can enjoy it visually.

It reflects the traditional Japanese dietary habit of having rice as staple diet and developed from full-course haute cuisine. It often served at station or play house meeting the needs of eating delicious food at the place where there isn’t kitchen.In modern times it plays important role in office worker’s lunch.

I will write about noribento tomorrow.


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