Dipping tomato taste noodle


You might imagine something strange, when you read this title. But actually, this food was so tasty. It has becoming popular little by little in Japan over past several years.

They added basil and some oil to the noodle in advance.

This soup was so wander that I can’t explain you well. If I compare it by force, it is like meat source. But in fact, I don’t know which food it is close to. It wold be like a mixture of the three things, Japanese soup, Italian one and Chinese one.It contained a lot of onion.

A ramen restaurant start to offering this as submenu. But this has sold very well exceeding their expectation. They launched a new store which was specialty for tomato ramen and dipping noodle. You can have this only Japan. I want to tell you that this soup was magical. This is a food worth having.