Brulee parfait with melon


It was too hot yesterday so I wanted to eat something cold and sweet. A chain family restaurants in my area holds special features of summer desserts.

Luckily I got window seat

It has a relaxing atmosphere and I could relax. I feel like I’d visit it frequently. After all so cool〜. I had waited for more than 15minutes.

The part of Brulee is a little warm. When you keep eating, frozen banana and raspberry come out. Under those ice cream, cookie, melon juice are. You would forget outside heat after you finish eating it.

Chain family restaurants is the place where everyone from adult to children can enjoy eating food. There are lots kind of food.

ファミリーレストラン ロイヤルホスト - Royal Host -
“あんしん”だから“おいしい”。みんなにやさしいファミリーレストラン ロイヤルホストのホームページです。私たちは、おいしい料理と心地良いサービスでおもてなし致します。