Salt ramen


This is famous ramen shop in Osaka. There are about 30 franchises shop of it. Shop’s owner had many challenges until he got to make this ramen.

At first, he used chemical seasoning because he thought it was the best way to make good ramen.But one day his daughter ate it and said it was so delicious. He was unhappy to hear that because he used much chemical seasoning. He learned to think what a dangerous things he served everyday.

He tried to make ramen which is non chemical and healthy. It is this. I find it polite work. They seasoned it with salt and a small citrus fruit. It’s combination would satisfy with your appetite. I also ordered fried rice. It was easy taste and brought out the taste.

Fine Dining experience この度は、塩元帥のホームページにご来訪いただきまして、ありがとうございます。 このホームページでは塩元帥に関する様々なこだわりについてご紹介させていただきます。 安心安全で美味しい最高のラーメンを皆様へ。 塩元帥は、自然素材にこだわり、店...

The shop’s home page includes google map but If you have any questions please contact me.