A bakery


There is a few underground shopping center around Umeda, the center Osaka. They are around subway stations and prevent us from the weather outside such as rain, hot or cold day to go to office around there.

At the same time, they have an important role in shopping or drinking. Thanks to it, we can enjoy shopping in a short time when we go back to home.


Part of the character of the shops is that fashionable or trendy shops are so that shops can catch busy office worker.  I was caught them today as clean as whistle by a bakery because I can’t stand my appetite. In Underground shopping center there are shops of all kind. For example trendy underwear shop, cosmetics, jewelry, as well as bar.     


These were a little expensive but so unique that I have not ever seen before. A lot of whipped cream in it satisfy me.


クックハウス阪急三番街店 - パン de しあわせ。クックハウス - cookhouse