Peach toast


This cafe was a fruit store that they established more than 80 years ago. The owner was retired 5 years ago and they closed a business. Then his daughter renovated the store and opened fruit cafe where she use his father’s net work of coming in fresh fruit through year.

You can eat fruit toast or fruit sandwich using seasonal fruit there. I ordered peach toast.

I got unusual experience while eating it. It has 3 different levels of sweetness and temperature. The peach was sweet and sour and cold. The ice cream is very cold and normal sweetness. The bread is hot and very sweaty because they spread honey on it. Of course peach was fresh and good. They tell every guest its producing area.

地図 : オソラカフェ (OSORA CAFE) - 西中島南方/カフェ
オソラカフェ/OSORA CAFE (西中島南方/カフェ)の地図です。