Spice curry


I’ll introduce spicy curry to you today. It has become common for the past 10 years in Japan. The fad was born in Osaka. It is different from Indian or Thailand curry. And far different from the curry which Japanese housewives make.

They are waiting for their turn

It’s fusion of Japanese soup stock and a lot kind of spice. They make a very distinct flavor and it has evolved with each passing day like Apple products. People come to eat it from all over Japan.One of them that was the restaurant I introduce today has been listed on the Michelin guide 2018. For foreign traveler spice curry would be the representative of Japanese food in near future like Ramen from China or sandwich from western.

I ate it for the first time. My thoughts is I can’t understand it. It was too spicy and taste was changing depending on the point I was eating. I am use to the taste of salt or soy sauce but they didn’t use such seasoning. If you love spicy food you should get there and enjoy changing the taste. If don’t, you should not.