Sea food bowl


This is a bowl with many kind of sea food. The key to have it best is using Japanese horseradish, soy sauce, and sweet picked ginger well. These things is indispensable for eating row fish.

Japanese horseradish is not only to prevent raw fish from going bad but also to neutralize the smell of fish. The way that you use it will make the meal taste change dramatically. It’s depend on your experience. So you should gradually use it. I recommend that you eat this menu without using it up to one-third so that you realize what horseradish is all about.

Sweet picked ginger is also important because it helps remove most taste left in your mouth. This menu has 6 sorts of fish and each of these has its own unique. If it were not for sweet picked ginger, you would get confused mingling many kind of seafood taste in your mouse.

Soy souse makes the row fish and rice the best. Please use these things wisely.海鮮丼専門店-丼丸-三国店-sushi-bowl-don-maru-mikuni/Z-pu47Y6Ty-e4mpjmSAerA