Japanese-style rice with egg


I know many people in the world don’t have the idea of eating law egg. You might think the parson who are eating it happily uncivilized. Let me purposely tell you about rice with law egg a quite few Japanese love.

It is very simple dish. You only have to do is to put law egg on freshly cooked rice and season it with soy sauce to make your favorite taste. We, Japanese, think it’s the best way to take pleasure in the taste of ingredients as they are. Then, soy sauce brings out the flavor of it unbelievably.

By the way the survey conducted on 3 foreigners shows that 2 out of 3 said it was good. In the survey they arranged it putting on it with potato chips, melting cheese or tuna with mayonnaise so all of them like it.

You don’t need to worry about disease by eating raw egg as long as you do in Japan because I eat it many times in a week.