Japanese peach


The olympic game are being held in Tokyo. The head coach of softball team representing the US said Peach was best in Fukushima in Japan and he ate too much peach and got hat. I perfectly agree with him and I want people living in all the world to realize how delicious Japanese peach is.

I have lived in foreign countries and eaten peach there many times. I think Japanese one is best even though I might get scolded by foreigner. I Googled whether it is right that Japanese peach is the most delicious one in the world.Then I was not able to get clear answer. But I found some web sites where the ways of thinking are similar to mine.

They said the key is selective breeding in it. It was separated by color at supermarket in abroad but by kind in Japan. They conclude that in Japan breeding in it is most popular in the world. That make unbelievable delicate or sweet and sour taste.

You can eat it from at the beginning of Jun to in the middle of October. The most important thing is that best time to eat is from in late July to in mid August. Please don’t forget eating it.