Matsuya is one of the most famous chain restaurants in Japan. This is expanding abroad gradually. The main menu is beef bowl and they are focus on usual cuisine for Japanese like curry rice, Hamburg steak, or grilled meat. The best thing in this is that we can use it casually. The price is low compered with other beef bowl chain stores and we can see everywhere in cities. Of course they are open 24 hours. So we use it as convince store. The weak point of it is that the taste is not so delicious because of their price.

I ordered twice cooked pork bowl to go. This is limited edition. They are kind enough to separate rice and ingredients so that I can eat more delicious.

I’m done. It was little spicy but you can get our home taste in all day cheaply. I recommend going there if you don’t have enough money or you are so tired that you can’t go to the restaurant which is far from your hotel.松屋-梅田店-matsuya-umeda/BEy0Y9mmSaiu3COmv8Dovw